Fresh Mint Toothpaste

Fresh Mint Toothpaste

  • $8.00

REAL Fresh Mint Toothpaste was carefully developed to clean your teeth with pure organic virgin coconut oil and a special blend of organic peppermint and spearmint essential oils.  Our toothpaste contain no fluoride and no artificial foaming agents, but they are handcrafted using natural and organic ingredients.  Use our toothpaste to clean your teeth naturally and help keep them white.

Ingredients: purified spring water, organic virgin coconut oil, baking soda, xanthum gum, wildcrafted myrrh powder, stevia, and organic essential oils of peppermint and spearmint.

Directions: Apply REAL natural toothpaste directly to your toothbrush and clean both sides of your teeth and along your gum lines.  There are no foaming agents in this pure and natural product.

Pure, Clean, Real Toothpaste that contains: NO Artificial or Synthetic Fragrances, NO Petroleum Products, NO Parabens, NO SLS, NO Foaming Agents, NO Dyes, NO Soy, and NO GMOs.

Size: 4 fl. oz / 118ml

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